T-minus Fourteen Minutes

There are fourteen minutes left until my life at twenty-six ends and twenty-seven takes over. Technically speaking, I was born some time around 1:00 AM on March 7th, so I suppose I actually have more than fourteen minutes left. In any case, I’ve decided to attempt to do a blog post a day for this Lenten season, similar to what I did three years ago. We’ll see how well I fare.

I can’t say that where I find myself now, turning twenty-seven, is where I had pictured myself to be at this age. When I was younger, I had ideally planned to be married and potentially bearing children within the next year or so by now. In retrospect, I should emphasize the word “ideally.” Even though I am no where near the aforementioned plan, that doesn’t mean I am not content with life at the moment. I have good family, good friends, good career, good health, good faith, and good opportunities. That sounds like the ingredients for a recipe for a good life, wouldn’t you say?

While there are so many things that I wish I had done in my lifetime up until this point, I am extremely grateful for the things that I have been blessed and privileged to have done.

And with three minutes to spare before March 6th turns into March 7th, I pray these three minutes will lead to a transition into a pleasant year for me. Whatever twenty-seven decides to bring me, I’ll take it! 加油!