Birthday Weekend Recap

My birthday recently passed. (I’m now 24!) It was on Monday, March 7th. However, the festivities surprisingly began last Friday at work!

My co-workers surprised me with this huge birthday cake with a cute caterpillar on it! The cake was so heavy, in the first photo, you can actually see it in dipping in the center from lack of support. I could barely hold that thing up!

Jacob and Jeremy really loved that cake.

The cake apparently wasn’t the only surprise. They had apparently pitched in together and purchased this Comme des Garcons wallet I had been wanting. I was almost going to splurge on it for myself that week too; good thing I didn’t! The box was actually wrapped in a reddish wrapping paper, but I had taken the photos post-unwrapping. Needless to say, that is currently the wallet that can be found in my purse.

BeiBei was our master cake slicer.

Jacob loved his slice.

Stas was… apathetic?

The cake made Mark Jones happy. :]

Jeremy just really wanted to eat it.

Franklin was the one who apparently picked out the caterpillar design!

Ji didn’t want cake…

…but Allan sure did!

On Saturday, as a little birthday get together, a few of us went to Shabu Shabu House in Little Tokyo to indulge in some delicious shabu shabu. Specifically, BeiBei, Jona, Allan, Tony, Ji and his gilfriend (Jen), Jeremy, Lamonda (Jeremy’s girlfriend), Nick (Jeremy’s friend), and Jacob were there.

Allan is a “hipster.” (Jeremy decided to steal this sticker off some undies at Victoria’s Secret during his visit to the mall earlier that week and gave it to me)

Jeremy looks more appropriate to wear the “hipster” sticker though. Sunglasses indoors — totally hipster.

Tony got me this Android special edition collectible!

After chowing down on our shabu shabu and walking around Little Tokyo a bit, BeiBei, Allan, Jona, Ji, and Jen proceeded to my house. Ivan came to join us too! We sang karaoke until the wee hours of the night. Okay, maybe not that late. I suppose we wrapped it up around 1 A.M. It would have been a lot of fun if the others had joined us as well, but it was still an excellent way to end the night!

On Sunday, Allan, An, and I decided to hunt down the last surviving piece from Banksy’s recent work in Los Angeles – the “Foreclosure” piece. I wish it weren’t covered with Plexiglass, but I suppose the owner of the building wanted to preserve the piece. It certainly does take away from having good photos without glare or reflections though. There were a few people who had also decided to stop and take photos of the piece while we were there.

Spotted a random Diglett and a mushroom in the vicinity!

After finishing up at the Banksy spot, we headed toward the Magic Kingdom – Disneyland. We did not reach our destination, however. Hindered by hunger and the forthcoming rain, we decided to search for a place to eat dinner. An had this craving for fish & chips. Using my trusty Android phone, I found a superb British pub (four stars on Yelp) in Fullerton whose best dish was none other than fish & chips! Enter The Olde Ship.

An and I both ordered the tomato basil soup as a starter.

Allan had the clam chowder.

For his entrée, Allan ordered the chicken pot pie.

An and I ordered the same thing again! Fish (haddock) & chips.

An was really happy he got his fish & chips.

I only ordered hot water as my beverage and asked for some slices of lemon to put in it, but let me tell you, this was such a delicious drink. Who knew hot water + lemon could be so satisfying?

Needless to say, we all found our meals quite enjoyable. An absolustely loved the place. I’m sure we’ll be back again sometime in the future!

Monday rolled by – my actually birthday – but unfortunately I was sick with a sore throat and the chills. I was feeling a bit off on Sunday already, thus the reason behind ordering the hot water and lemon at The Olde Ship, but I didn’t think I’d be sick enough to have to stay home all day the next day. I did, in fact, stay home from work on Monday. I spent my birthday working from home while drinking hot tea and Theraflu. I’m not complaining though; it was definitely a relaxing day, sans the discomfort of being sick and feverish. And at least I had an excellent birthday weekend, thanks to all who made it enjoyable.

I went to work on Tuesday, and Morgan stopped by after she got off work to surprise me with an awesome birthday balloon and cute mini bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes in Manhattan Beach!

These cakes are so cute, and delicious too!

Overall, I had an excellent 24th birthday. I’m grateful for all my friends and family who greeted me and helped me celebrate. It didn’t even bother me that I was sick on my actually birthday, really. I had enough fun over the weekend to last me for quite some time.

I really wish I didn’t look so tired in my photos. I should probably try to sleep earlier on a daily basis. Maybe that will help out my immune system too. I’ve been sick so often this past year. I suspect it may be a combination of two things: working indoors for long hours without any fresh air (in contrast to all the fresh air I had back in Berkeley during college) and sleeping late. With that said, I take my leave. Good night!