Astronomical Nerding: Watching the Perseids Meteor Shower

Perseids Meteor Shower along Templin Hwy, California

Last evening, I was lucky to witness the Perseids meteor shower in the company of Allan, Andy, Carol, Chelsea, Joe, Jennifer, Freya, and Chelsea’s and Jennifer’s awesome friends.

Pinned location provided by Chelsea Cullen of the Templin Highway astronomical vista point

It’s a known fact that attempting to indulge in a desire to astronomically nerd-out in Los Angeles is a difficult feat due to all the light pollution. And this is why, my friends, we decided to hit the road and stake out the Perseids in a popular astronomical vista point along Templin Highway. We found ourselves in the company of other meteor-shower hunters who were camping out in and around their vehicles. Armed with blankets, mats, snacks, and drinks, we all lied down and stared at the open sky. It didn’t take long until we caught a glimpse of a shooting star! During the entire period of time that we were there, we saw many a showering meteor, including some rather impressive large ones with long, lingering trailing tails! Our spot had a pretty good view of the sky and its blanket of stars; the photo at the beginning of the post simply does not do it any justice.

I had never witnessed a meteor shower nor seen “shooting stars” as impressive as the night before, and I definitely look forward to feeding my inner astronomical nerd with future meteor showers. I’d personally like to try out different vista points to see if we could manage to find one with even less light pollution. The point on Templin Highway wasn’t bad, but you could definitely still see some light from the city area.